The Russian Crime: Power of Government

From the secret Russian nuclear arsenals, to the clandestine mining of African minerals. The Russian Secret Service will do anything in their power to protect and enhance their military might. Government orders to eliminate human threats are part of protocol and the need to know what the adversary is doing, is of the utmost importance. Spies and professional assassins are part of the course in a violent and clandestine game of power covering areas of the world where the public have no idea as to the power of government.

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Shamugan – The Good Man Samor

A short crime story of an Indian boy’s first time travelling out of his impoverished village to the grand city of Mumbai. He travels with his father by train. Experiences new things not found in his village and tries foods from some of Mumbai’s street sellers. the family are forced to move from there home and move to Mumbai, and then it happens…A crime is carried out.